Tavaglione's Sibilla

I was inspired to make a thoughtful comparison between L'Oracolo della Sibilla, created in 1980 by Italian artist Giorgio M. S. Tavaglione, and the traditional Vera Sibilla from the late 19th Century. I love the artwork on Tavaglione's deck, but it veers so far from the traditional Vera Sibilla that I forgo working with L'Oracolo della Sibilla despite how intensely I feel drawn to the deck.

Tavaglione was obviously a huge fan of SibillaIndovina because the structure of his deck is based primarily on that French inspired Sibilla deck. But it is also clear that he was intimately familiar with the Italian Vera Sibilla because his L'Oracolo della Sibilla seems to be an attempt to bridge these two older Sibilla decks.

For the most part Tavaglione remains faithful to the suit and pip correspondences of the Sibilla Indovina, but he also substitutes in certain cards from La Vera Sibilla that don't appear in Sibilla Indovina. For example, Superbia (Pride) is an extremely …